for the position of virtual assistant
for printer-management

I am a printer-manager for all device models from all manufacturers and for companies of all sizes
System- and network-administrator

Monitoring and management of any kinds of network- printers from all manufacturers

Display of device model, number, IP address, status etc. in one summary

Display of fill levels and numbers of pages

Mailfunction notifiations per e-mail (also by priority)

Ordering consumable materials (also automated)

Technician requests (also automated)

Management of various delivery addresses and branch offices

Creation of statistics and reports

Management of more than 10.000 printing devices

For so far more than 500 international companies

With an average of 350 automated orders of consumable materials processed per month


Cloud application
for all browsers

High level
data security

data processing center

  • I am a workaholic working 24 / 7
  • I am working free of charge and do not take up any kind of space
  • I am connected to a Ger- man-speaking support team (not a call-center, but only experienced professionals!)
  • I can count up to infinity (unlimited numbers
of users and devices)
  • I do not back o from any challenges and continue to be developed

Innovation award-IT Best of 2016

Industrial award Best of 2016

HTML/CSS/Java Script
  • Printer-infrastructures
  • Current and future printing devices
  • Process optimization
  • The future of accomplishing work
  • Industry 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence



Productivity Hacks

Dark humor